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March 22, 2004



Perhaps then you will not be interested in the link I was about to send that gives you step by step instructions on how you can use the placenta and its associated ... fluids ... to create lovely paintings (I kid you not). Hmm.


Eww! Why on earth are you looking up things like that?


I must say that I had the best hospital experience and a really wonderful, natural hospital. But I can see how many people would have a not so much a warming nice experience. Good luck in your choice and if I find material I will send it along! But I think a Doula isn't a bad idea, but I had my mom, which was a great choice for me.


I'm glad that you're so positive about your hosptial experience, Jaime - makes me feel more optimistic :) It's terrific that your mom was able to lend her support ... sometimes I wish that we lived closer to my folks!

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