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What a very entertaining post , you have here, Laura. I always fancy myself living in Thailand, as I always love that little Asian country where exotic foods would really make you feel out of this world. I have visited Nichada when we have our honeymoon there, I forgot to wear something like black pants as my pants usually get dirty with all the smoke from the vehicles and tuktuk there, I wore Zara’s womens white jeans and was surprised when we get back to the hotel that it is still white. I would definitely visit Thailand again and hope that you post more as I find it very interesting indeed.

Lauren Ashley

Dear Laura,
We are residents of Nichada Thani and while we enjoyed your post, we feel that it lacked information on how to actually have fun here.
Please write a new post.
We would love to hear from you :)

Jennifer Marsh

Dear Laura,

I found your post to be very encouraging. My husband and I are headed to Nichada Thani in a few weeks to secure a home for our family. We are moving there in June. I hope you write more--


Jennifer, I tried to reply to you via email, but your address didn't work!

Jennifer Marsh

Hi Laura,
I did get your email--thank you so much! It was very encouraging, and we will take your guidance with us as we head to Nichada Thani to find our home next week.
Take care, Jennifer

Wakanyi Hoffman

Hi Laura,

Found this thread online as I was looking up places to live in Thailand with kids. We have two and another one on the way, due August. 2nd was born in BKK (Samitivej) but we were living in Nepal and only went to BKK for the birth. But we are so thrilled to (hopefully) be moving there this summer. We're very keen to live in Nichada Thani as our 5 year old will go to ISB for Kindergarten. What are the preschools like for our 3 year old? Any montessori? And really, what's ISB like? Is it culturally diverse or just full of American expats? (we are Americans but this being our 6th expat move, we've lived in places where we were the minority and really loved it). What is housing like? I mean stand alone houses. Possibility of getting a house with a yard? Rent prices? We're with the UN so have to find all of these on our own. And how do the working spouses travel from Nichada Thani to central BKK with all the traffic? Does BTS come as far as Nichada? Really happy to read this very positive post from you.

siobian smith

Hey Wakanyi- Do you remember me from Nepal? I had a daughter, Juliette, who is now 4. I hope we may also move to Bangkok later this year and Juliette would go to the ISB. Send me your email, I would love to hear from you. I'm sorry I can't rmember your daughters name....I have some nice pictures of her from Kathmandu when we had Santa Claus come to our house.... :-)


Hi Laura- We will be moving out to Bangkok this summmer. We have two children, ages 5 and 3 and many questions regarding ISB and Rose Marie Academy just to name a couple! Instead of filling-up your blog with a ton of personal “mom” questions would you be willing to correspond via email?

Patrick Lane

Hi Laura- I too enjoyed your thoughts on Nichada. just found this today while perusing the internet for come nice communities to retire in.... and thus my question.

Are there many other retirees in Nichada? I'm retiring a bit younger at age 55 but wondering if there are others with a bit more "life's experiences" living there?



Wow, everything that you wrote is what I felt about Nichada. We are moving there in 2 weeks. I am slightly concerned about the whole "living in a bubble" comments and was beginning to wonder if we made the right choice. However, I feel that with 2 kids, ages 10 and 12, it was the right move. This has all been frustrating for me. I feel as though we were rushed on when and where to move. It wasn't until after we leased the house, enrolled kids in ISB, then everyone talks negatively about Nichada saying we are far from everything and living in a bubble. Thanks for sharing your post. Very encouraging!

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What a great post - we've been trying to get additional information on places to live in Bangkok as exPats. Do you mind sharing your email so we can ask some questions?


Great post Laura!
Yes, I live in Nichada..well...just out of it. And I FULLY appreciate it! The school is great with SO MANY things for kids to do and see etc. There is a GREAT variety of people so there is ALWAYS someone to talk to.

The posts I have read about not having fun?! Well...I don't think any little 'town' is here to entertain us really....its about entertaining ourselves and making our own fun. The times when we have everything are usually the times we tend to take things for granted...this is Nichada...its always great to appreciate it.

I think that's the thing about living overseas......we're all tourists in our own way...but want to be a 'local' at the same time....its NEVER going to happen. So we just try to learn what we can from the local culture and make the most of it.

Thanks Laura!


If anyone needs a babysitter, experienced tutor (English, Spanish, social studies, writing) or photographer or photography instructor you can contact me as I live in this area and teach part time.

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